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Ericksen Group is a building rooftop development, leasing and management company. Since 2012, Ericksen works with building owners and managers to plan for efficiently utilizing building rooftop space for leasing to the telecommunications industry. Ericksen also handles the management of existing wireless infrastructure. Ericksen provides facility maintenance to ensure the structural integrity and cleanliness of the telecommunications tower site. Ericksen will provide a dedicated business development manager to assist you in making your revenue stream goals a reality and formulating new ways to diversify revenue streams. Ericksen maintains positive relationships with the wireless community. We market properties to wireless carrier tenants quicker and process lease agreements effectively.
City Towers

Ericksen actively manages and markets its exclusive rooftop sites for use as telecommunications facilities across the United States. We specifically match each rooftop facility to the wireless system operators requiring service within the respective market

Ericksen holds Master Lease Agreements with major wireless carriers in the United States. Additionally, Ericksen is a preferred site vendor to the U.S. Government, Federal Agencies, utilities and the transportation industry.

Ericksen offers the following list of services:

  • Aesthetic antenna systems placement.
  • Nationwide property locations.
  • Tower and rooftop management provider for major wireless carriers.
  • Additional liability insurance coverage.
  • Rooftop administrative duties.
  • Collections, leasing, sitewalk-throughs, site survey, supervised access, maintenance, repairs.
  • Marketing of the property to major wireless carriers through established relationship network.

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